[PlanetCCRMA] Additional audio programs

Jeffrey Roach roach_jeffrey@yahoo.com
Mon Sep 16 07:44:01 2002

>  If so, I think the best tool would be to use
Synaptic to attempt to get
>all the rpms you'll need.

The programs I'm thinking about are not a part of the
CCRMA repository.

>Yes, many more packages I should create :-)
>Did you try gamix? (apt-get install gamix). It is a
GTK based mixer and 
>looks pretty nice, it is easier to use than alsamixer
and does a decent 
>job of displaying all controls in a reasonable way. 
>-- Fernando

: o )  Fun, eh?  I like gamix.

>Make sure that you have installed the -devel package.
To see what you have 
>  rpm -q -a | grep fltk

Got it.

>needed by SpiralSynthModular and the jack example
>Which programs are you trying to install?
>-- Fernando

O.K.  Here are a few I have found that sound





JAZZ++ ?

SLab ?



Rosegarden ?

Virtual Keyboard

I picked them off of the Alsa application site.  Maybe
more or less if I find something interesting or after

>Jeff would have to do it the hard way then. Visit
rpmfind.net, find the
>packages he wants, and then deal with finding
whatever rpms are required. No
>fun....but normal life in LinuxLand

Yes, actually I like to do it an even more challenging
way.  I usually get better results with the compiling,
making and installing the source code than rpms.  Fun?
 Well I guess that depends on what you like to do. : o

>If it is alsamixergui, yes, I'm getting the same
"missing fltk" error you
>are getting (with my copy of fltk installed). Most
probably it needs a
>different version of fltk. I'll see what I can do

Aconnect uses the same version of fltk as alsamixergui
I believe.  Some other apps in the list might too. 
Thank you.

>According to the error message in configure.log I
think it needs an
>_older_ version of fltk (1.0.x instead of 1.1.x).
I'll see what I can do. 
>-- Fernando

Interesting, if you find out what to do could you let
me know?  I have had this problem in the past many
times and not know how to work it out.  Thank you.


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