Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Sun Sep 8 11:13:01 2002

   I do not know about any specific info on laptops. Possibly Fernando will
respond with something in that area.

   In the meantime, the following two commands were all I needed to get the
new kernel to be an option at boot time.

   If you have more questions, write back.


mkbootdisk kernel_version_currently_installed

apt-get install alsa-driver-2.4.19-1.ll alsa-driver alsa-utils alsa-tools

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Hello Red Planeteers,
	I am ccrmalizing my VAIO laptop.  I am assuming that I need to
install the special kernel.  Do I download (I am running 7.3, not
downloaded from the red planet but from RH, only yesterday) the
source-list7.3.lap and then do what with it?  Sorry, I'm a newbie.  I am
working line by line down the planetccrma site.  I'm a bit confused since
it doesn't have a .rpm attached to it.  Thanks.

Hi Nando... Juan...


Carr L. Wilkerson, Jr.
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)

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