[PlanetCCRMA] What to download?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Sep 1 11:16:01 2002

>    Hi. I decided to try and take the jump this morning with Ardour but I'm
> running into a small tools problem.
>    Again, this PC was set up with a standard RH 7.3 install. I believe I
> chose workstation and software development tools, but I'm not totally sure.
>    My first surprise was that in trying to download Ardour from CVS that my
> machine didn't have cvs! So I did an apt-get cvs and got past that one.
> Ardour then downloaded just fine.
>    In the step ./autogen.sh I'm getting the message
> ./.autogen.sh: command not found: aclocal

Hmmm, most probably you did not install the development packages, bet you
do not have gcc either :-( You will have to install that from the redhat
cdroms (or from planetccrma). I don't really know of the top of my head
which packages you need, I'll try to add a FAQ section with that next

"aclocal" is part of automake, that will be in your redhat cdrom (you can
also do an apt-get install if your network connection is fast.

But for ardour you will need a newer version of automake than the one that
comes with redhat, you can find it at:


It is not part of the standard planetccrma repository, just download the 
rpm and do an rpm -Uvh. 

-- Fernando (signing off for the day :-)