[PlanetCCRMA] 2 questions - Alsa OSS MIDI Emulation

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Oct 28 14:21:02 2002

   Humm...to me it seems like you have the alsa/OSS stuff backwards, but
maybe I'm missing the point.

1) In both cases the app receiving the MIDI info is SSM, and it is the OSS

2) In the case of live MIDI, if I understand correctly, the alsa environment
receives the MIDI info and then emulates that OSS interface to make SSM
believe that a live MIDI keyboard is supplying the data.

3) In the case of Rosegarden, Rosegarden is an alsa app sending MIDI data.
Is it not capable of sending it into the alsa layer and then the alsa layer
emulating OSS and supplying it back just like item #2?

   I suppose not, since it isn't working, but I just wanted to check. If no
one here knows for sure, then I'll ask on the alsa list.


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> 2) I am able to use SpiralSynthModular live from a MIDI keyboard which
> to say that Alsa will accept MIDI Data and convert it to OSS for SSM to
> This works fine. However I am not able to send MIDI from Rosegarden, which
> appears to talk to alsa MIDI devices and have SSM respond. Can someone
> explain why? Does the OSS emulation stuff in Alsa not work from Alsa back
> OSS when the MIDI data is generated in the PC?

This would be an oss emulated app sending midi to a native alsa app... I
don't know enough to be sure (never tried it) but I suspect it is not
possible. With native alsa midi apps that use the alsa sequencer api it
should be possible to connect outputs to inputs using the alsa midi
"patchbay" (man aconnect). I don't think that would work with oss

-- Fernando

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