[PlanetCCRMA] what software

Lars Oeschey oeschey@web.de
Wed Oct 23 12:12:02 2002


before I go through each available audio-software, I thought I'd first
ask the list for recommendations. The following is what I want to

We have a stereo track running through the external USB-Device to the
FOH Mixer (after a headphone amp). A Mono-Track (or stereo, doesn't
matter) track runs through the onboard es-18xx (which is noisy liske
hell, that's why we use the USB for FOH) to the drummers headphone
(actually he uses one walkman ear-button).
So the software need to be able to run a stereo track to one device, and
another one to another device. There should be an easy way to load
songs, start them and stop them (sometimes *we* get out of sync with the
laptop, so we need an emergency exit ;)).
A GUI would be nice, but is no must-have. I'm thinking about controlling
everything with lirc perhaps some day...
Currently on Windows we use SonicFoundry's Acid.

Any software recommendations for that?