[PlanetCCRMA] mammut, mix, OM, Csound, Cecilia (?)

pk117 pk117@york.ac.uk
Fri Oct 18 11:45:03 2002

Hi Fernando,

> > I would like to ask Planet-CCRMA if there is any plan for adding any of
> >the following apps MAMMUT (it's really cool) and Mix (NOTAM), Open Music
> > (IRCAM), Csound + Cecilia. Also, what about Ardour RPM?
> Mammut:
>   could be, but it looks very similar to ceres3 (which is part of the
> repository). Apparently it is also a frequency domain tool as is ceres3. What
> is the difference?

I quote you a few lines from the Mammut Manual:
Mammut will FFT your sound in ONE single gigantic analysis (no windows like
Ceres3).  An interesting aspect of Mammut is its completely non-intuitive sound
transformation approach.  You must have a certain attitude when using this
program. Use it experimentally, by ear. Do not try to understand what happens -
even the programmer can't explain it in many cases.

And finally the sound you get from it, is just very interesting and unique (try
and see if you have some time):

> Open Music (IRCAM):
>  AFAIK it is for Macintosh (or so says IRCAM's website). I don't think
> there is a linux version.

This is a bit older package of Linux OM,  version 3.5, but I think worth to
have on the repository since it is the only one in its kind. Here is the URL:

> Csound+Cecilia:
>   That would be possible but, _which_ csound? There's a lot of csounds out
> there... most probably everyone has his/her own favorite build. For non
> real-time synthesis the repository already includes clm, for real-time stuff
> pd.

Cecilia 2.0.4 for Linux has been released recently, download from sourceforge:

The csound version required should be >= 3.47

> Mix: That could be added, I guess. I'll have to find the newest linux
> version.

Mix is a soundfile mixer originally developed by Dr. Ovyind Hammer. It was then
adapted to Linux, and further developed by gige~. You can download and test it
from this site:

Anyway, thanks for your great Linux Audio Bundle/ Distribution.


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