[PlanetCCRMA] Trying MIDI for the first time

Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Thu Oct 10 19:40:03 2002

   I've hooked up MIDI for the first time under Linux. Nothing's working so
far, but that's not that surprising. I tried Bristol as an app. Not sure
about it anyway.

   How do I go about debugging what's up with this?

   I've got an external synth hooked to the MIDI input of my AP2496 card.
The machine is dual boot, and I've checked that the synth, cables and AP2496
card are working under Windows using GigaStudio. I then boot into Linux.
What do I do next?

   I looked at http://www.djcj.org/ at the MIDI HOWTO. It talked about doing
'cat /dev/sndstat', but that tells me 'No such device'. (/dev/sndstat does

   lsmod shows MIDI stuff in the list.

   I poked around in /proc/asound but don't know what I'm looking for...

   Are there any simple answers here? I don't want to just load apps, but
would rather understand how this basically works.

   Thanks in advance for any pointers.