[PlanetCCRMA] package architecture is bad

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Nov 19 10:31:01 2002

> these RPM package are not in the good architecture of naming ...
> bad naming :
> rosegarden-4-0.8-2.i386.rpm [7.3]
> rosegarden-4-0.8-2.i386.rpm [8.0]
> rosegarden-4-0.8-2.src.rpm [7.x|8.0]
> they have to be : 
> rosegarden-4.0.8-2.src.rpm or
> rosegarden-0.8-2.src.rpm
> (rosegarden-4- .... is bad but rosegarden-4.xxxx iq good)

Thanks, but it turns out that the name of the software package is
"Rosegarden 4" as opposed to "Rosegarden". The version cannot be 4.0.8
as that is not the version of the package, and the name of the package
cannot be rosegarden alone as that is not the name of the package. 

Maybe "Rosegarden4"? What is _exactly_ the problem? Do you have a URL
with package naming guidelines?

Rpm itself obviously does not complain or gets confused:
rpm -q --queryformat "%{NAME} <%{VERSION}> <%{RELEASE}>\n" rosegarden-4
rosegarden-4 <0.8> <2>

-- Fernando