[PlanetCCRMA] One more apt-get dist-upgrade item

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Nov 12 13:06:11 2002

   Glad you understand what's going on.

Take care,

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>    Something was included in the rpms, I guess, as I got two new file.
> (apt.conf.rpmnew and sources.list.rpmnew) Neither of them is installed by
> default, and I believe that apt-get starts failing immediately after being
> updated which forces you to make a change.
>    The included files cause problems for me on 7.3, but might be OK for
> someone on 8.0. I don't know.

I see what's happening. Those files are the default for the freshrpms
repository, I should replace them with the files for planet ccrma in the
next apt update. And yes, the default is pointing to freshrpms 8.0
repository. I was assuming everyone would customize with the files from
the planet ccrma web site instead.

-- Fernando

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