[PlanetCCRMA] updated: jack to 0.40, others, added: qjackconnect, jack-rack

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Nov 12 07:37:01 2002

   I updated this morning. Jack and Ardour are at least not complaining
about port anymore. That's good. qjackconnect is cool. It sees ardour,
alsa_pcm and freqtweak stuff so far.

   ams completely hangs my system. Hard hang. Reset button.

   alsaplay -r -o jack tells me it cannot connect.

   I'll try jack-rack later.


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qjackconnect, jack-rack

Lots of compiles, very little testing :-) Here it goes:

* jack-audio-connection-kit updated to 0.40.0 (cvs). The alsa_pcm jack
ports are now named differently (capture instead of in, playback instead
of out), much clearer than before. As some applications hardwire the
port names in the source code this triggered a patch and recompile of
most of the clients was necessary (freqtweak, alsaplayer, rosegarden-4;
clients not affected: ecasound, meterbridge). See more details in the
changelog. This new version includes the new connection API so that:

* added qjackconnect, a Qt based patchbay for Jack. Very nice...


* added jack rack, a LADSPA plugin effects rack, works with Jack (this
is what actually triggered the upgrade storm, it needed the new LADSPA
header and the new jack)

* updated ams to 1.5.3b. Supposedly a full jack app now, but I could not
make qjackconnect actually connect the ports to the jack server. Updated

-- Fernando

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