[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with 2.4.19-1.ll kernel

Mike Jewell mike@beautifier.org
Tue Nov 12 06:59:01 2002


I'm installing the 2.4.19-1.ll kernel on RedHat 8.0, and am unable to
boot into it once it's installed. I think the problem may lie with
my Highpoint IDE RAID controller (as the rest of my hardware is pretty

Booting from LILO into the new kernel, I get the following (typos


Creating block devices
Creating root device
Mounting root filesystem
hde: dma_intr: status=0xff { Busy }
hde: DMA disabled
ide2: reset timed-out, status=0xff
hde: status timeout: status=0xff { Busy }
hde: drive not ready for command
ide2: reset timed-out, status=0xff
end_request: I/O error, dev 21:03 (hde), sector 4152
kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
end_request: I/O error, dev 21:03 (hde), sector 4152
EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
end_request: I/O error, dev 21:03 (hde), sector 4112
pivotroot: pivot_root(/sysroot,/sysroot/initrd) failed: 2
umount /initrd/proc failed: 2
Freeing unused kernel memory: 152k freed
Kernel panic: No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel.


I'm using the same LILO config chunk for my other
(working) kernel, so I don't think it's that:

	append="hdd=ide-scsi root=LABEL=/"

Has anyone else had a similar problem (or know
where I'm going wrong)? :-)


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