[PlanetCCRMA] No /etc/asound.state

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Dec 23 17:24:01 2002

> This time everything appeared to go fine (no complaints from alsaconf
> and all the other utilities seem happy) but the sound card (Terratec
> EWS88MT) does not work at all in alsaplayer, which waits indefinitely
> while trying OSS compatability mode. 

If I remember correctly the EWS is ice1712 based. Alsaplayer picks up
weird default parameters for alsa and that's what makes it fail (and try
for oss - I don't know why _that_ fails). This is one alsa startup
configuration that works for me:

  alsaplayer -d plughw:0 -F 44100 -f 512 -g 3

Did you try using aplay and a .wav file to test playback? (aplay is
included in the alsa-utils package). 

> Most other applications fail also,

Which ones and how do they fail?

> The built in sound card (Cirrus Logic cs46xx) also installs without a
> hitch, and this time works fine in OSS mode but not in ALSA. I was
> careful to delete the asound.state file before switchng sound cards so
> that this was re-generated, but that made no difference either.
> I am guessing that the Terratec EWS88MT is not actually supported even
> though it says it is at the ALSA web site. The mixer utilities both show
> a heap of stuff that the Terratec doesn't even have which makes me
> suspect the asound.state file is not quite right.

Hmmm, did you try using envy24control on the Terratec? That is part of
the alsa-tools package and works only on ice1712 based cards, it lets
you control the internal hardware mixer in the chipset. 

-- Fernando