[PlanetCCRMA] Simple test - alsaplayer

Steve Arnold sarnold@arnolds.dhs.org
Tue Dec 10 17:42:01 2002

Mark Knecht wrote:
> Humm.......
> Back home and starting testing of my new hardware. Following a nice,
> long, significant upgrade of KDE from the planet, I attempt to run
> alsaplayer.The app comes up fine, but when I tell it to connect to the
> CD Player, I get an error message:
> [root@Godzilla root]# alsaplayer -R -o jack &
> [2] 2773
> [root@Godzilla root]# got connect request
> got connect request
> jack: realtime scheduling active
> /usr/lib/libvorbisfile.so.3: undefined symbol: ogg_stream_reset_serialno
> CDDA: error opening device /dev/cdrom
> Was there some sort of configuration that needed to happen to make this
> work?

It looks like one of your newly compiled tools (alsaplayer, the 
drivers, jack?) is calling a function that doesn't exist in your 
libvorbis package.  Something (most likely libvorbis) is not as 
current as your latest builds of the other stuff.  The device error 
may be spurious (or maybe not).

You would have seen an error during the build (ie, it wouldn't have 
compiled, at least not without lots of complaining) if you built 
from source/src.rpm.  The rpm dependencies are supposed to catch 
that stuff, but only if everything is correctly defined by the packager.

It sounds like I'm blaming it on Fernando ;-)

Okay Fernando, it's time to speak up (I'll shut up now).