[PlanetCCRMA] HDSP 9652 patch - Failed Dependencies

Steve Arnold sarnold@arnolds.dhs.org
Mon Dec 9 17:26:01 2002

Mark Knecht wrote:
> Maybe it was a timeout related thing. Possibly I should sit at the
> console for 5 minutes to give it lots of time to find it. The other
> thing I've heard about is that sometime messages don't get written to
> the message/dmesg files right away? Maybe I need to tell Linux to flush
> these messages faster somehow. Don't know...

If you have a (more or less) standard RH 7.3 setup, then that should 
no be the case.  AFAIK, the default kernel logger (klogd) writes its 
messages immediately.

The only way the above could happen is if you were running something 
like metalog instead (one of the next-generation system loggers). 
Metalog *does* have the above behavior (for performance reasons) but 
you can send it a USR1 signal (I think) to make it write log 
messages in real-time instead.

Which is actually something you might want to do (after you get this 
straigtened out).

What do you think, Fernando?  Would something like metalog be better 
  for audio stuff than the old klogd?