[PlanetCCRMA] PlanetCCRAM Kernel Configuration file

Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Sat Dec 7 16:20:02 2002

   Thanks for the help so far. A few comments and questions below.

Did you try to add another swap entry to /etc/fstab pointing to hdex? I
think that should work, send me your current fstab and I can help with
that. Swap partitions that "are not there" will be ignored, I think, and
will just trigger an error during the boot phase.

I dig. It didn't work. whether I had hde or hde the swap space was not
recognized. Too bad.

You have to download the .src.rpm, not the kernel-source .i386.rpm. You
can find it in the "System" section of the Planet CCRMA pages. The
.src.rpm includes all the configuration files. There was a post not that
long ago with the steps you have to take to rebuild and change a
configuration (Patricio de la Cuadra was asking about that, I think). 

OK, the 'System Stuff' page has some discussion about this, but doesn't
actually have the apt-get instructions. There are apt-get instructions
on the page about installing the kernel. I'm sure this is what you mean,


I've downloaded these, and I do find config files, but none fo them are
named with the 'll' option. I loaded one (the Athlon one) and found that
the low latency stuff is set, so I think this is the right stuff. You

Wait, here is the email I was referring to:


I think what you have to do is to enable the configuration option you
were taking about last week and then boot with a kernel option that
reverses the search. 

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind this evening.

You're a great help Fernando! Thanks a lot! Let me know when you want
that beer and Empanada! ;-)