[PlanetCCRMA] PlanetCCRAM Kernel Configuration file

Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Sat Dec 7 08:43:01 2002

   I downloaded the source RPMs via Synaptic this morning for the
2.4.19.ll kernel. I desperately need to solve the boot order issue
between my hard disk controllers.(I'm running your kernel, but only with
no swap space!) 

   It's been a while since I've built a kernel myself and I have a few

1) Did this Synaptic download include your configuration file for the
kernel we're all running? If so, what's it called and where is it

2) If not, could you email me a copy?

3) What front end did you use to set the kernel up? I use make xconfig.
Is that OK?

   Any other info you could provide would be very appreciated.