[PlanetCCRMA] emi26 tips?

Steve Arnold sarnold@arnolds.dhs.org
Thu Dec 5 17:46:02 2002

Ryan Gallagher wrote:
> Hya,
> I'm new to the planet.  First, Fernando, you are doing
> an amazing job answering all this email (and doing all
> the ccrma package stuff too)!
> Secondly,  I'm using the emagic emi 2|6 usb audio
> interface currently.  And here's the deal...
> I THINK I need to let the kernel load the emi26
> firmware BEFORE alsa will acknowledge the card (it's
> the only way to light up the emi, otherwise it sits
> dark and useless).  This seems to work but I have to
> rmmod the "audio" module to get any sound out.  With
> the audio module loaded the alsamixer wont load but
> with it rmmod-ed I'm able to run alsamixer and
> alsaplayer and make sound.
> BUT...
> Other apps (bluecurve sound events,
> gnome-sound-recorder, sweep - unable to open /dev/dsp,
> audacity - audio I/O error, terminatorX - Error
> starting engine: failed to access audiodevice).  I
> used all the ccrma programs on rh 8.0 with the ccrma
> up kernel.  Lsmod reports snd-usb-audio loaded (and
> all the accompanying stuff also).
> Is this a Jack thing?  I havn't been able to get it
> jackd loaded.  Any tips hints etc?

I don't know; it sounds more like a lower-level driver or usb thing 
to me.  Do you know if the usb and/or hotplug stuff is setup 
correctly?  ie, does it recognize your usb device ID, vendor, and 
all that?

If so, then does alsa create the right module aliases for it?  Are 
you trying to initialize everything at boot (with it already plugged 
in) or have you tried using the hotplug mechanism to load the 
drivers, etc?

I don't have any usb audio stuff, but I have a few other usb devices 
(I've got a Zaurus 8-)  The Z uses an ethernet inteface to talk to 
the desktop box over usb, so I added a usbdnet script to the hotplug 
stuff.  The usb0 network inteface appears when the Z is plugged in, 
and the hotplug script does the ifconfig and route stuff.

Do you need to do something like that for your device?  With some 
other handhelds/drivers, the interface is called eth0 (or eth1, or 
whatever) but mine is usb0.  Are your device names correct all the 
way through?

I believe your ordering is correct; any device microcode (firmware) 
would have to be downloaded first in order to initialize the device, 
then drivers can load, etc.  Are there any parameters you can change 
on the firmware load?  Is it loading and the device getting 
initialized properly, prior to any drivers loading?

That's about all I can think of.