[PlanetCCRMA] emi26 tips?

Ryan Gallagher ryanpg@yahoo.com
Thu Dec 5 17:25:02 2002


I'm new to the planet.  First, Fernando, you are doing
an amazing job answering all this email (and doing all
the ccrma package stuff too)!

Secondly,  I'm using the emagic emi 2|6 usb audio
interface currently.  And here's the deal...

I THINK I need to let the kernel load the emi26
firmware BEFORE alsa will acknowledge the card (it's
the only way to light up the emi, otherwise it sits
dark and useless).  This seems to work but I have to
rmmod the "audio" module to get any sound out.  With
the audio module loaded the alsamixer wont load but
with it rmmod-ed I'm able to run alsamixer and
alsaplayer and make sound.


Other apps (bluecurve sound events,
gnome-sound-recorder, sweep - unable to open /dev/dsp,
audacity - audio I/O error, terminatorX - Error
starting engine: failed to access audiodevice).  I
used all the ccrma programs on rh 8.0 with the ccrma
up kernel.  Lsmod reports snd-usb-audio loaded (and
all the accompanying stuff also).

Is this a Jack thing?  I havn't been able to get it
jackd loaded.  Any tips hints etc?



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