[PlanetCCRMA] Forcing dependencies with non-RPMed ALSA install

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 4 10:47:00 2002

> > Any particular reason why you were home-brewing your own alsa install? I
> > do have newer versions of alsa almost ready to go. Another option would be
> > rebuilding the planet alsa rpms after downloading a cvs version of alsa
> > (if what you need is a more up to date alsa). I could help with that, all
> > the tools needed are part of the source rpms.
> AFAIK, I need at least 0.9.0rc5 for my Realtek ALC650 onboard (crappy, but
> lots of channels to play with) to work; I tried it with the current Planet
> stock ALSA packages but it wasn't happening. I am using rc6.

[I'm going to release a current cvs version of the driver in the next
few days]

This is what you need to do to get a new set of more up to date alsa
drivers, library and utilities (using rpms). Do you have the kernel in
an rpm as well? If you don't then you will need to tweak the
dependencies in the alsa-driver spec file. 

Get the source rpms from planet ccrma for alsa-driver, alsa-lib,
alsa-utils, alsa-tools. Install them ("rpm -Uvh") and:
- cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
- ./alsa-get-cvs [hit return when prompted]
  this will download the current cvs version of alsa and create tarballs
  for all packages. 
- ls -t | more
  write down the date/time of the cvs version tarball, should be at the
  top of the file list
- cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
- edit the alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-utils, alsa-tools spec files and
  change the date/time of the cvs at the top of the file and (don't 
  forget!) change the version number so that it does not conflict with
  the current planet ccrma version
- rpm -ba alsa-driver*.spec
- rpm -Uvh the resulting binary rpms (you have to install the driver 
  before compiling the libraries)
- rpm -ba alsa-lib*.spec
- rpm -Uvh the resulting binary rpm
- rpm -ba alsa-utils*.spec
- rpm -Uvh the resulting binary rpm
- rpm -ba alsa-tools*.spec
- rpm -Uvh the resulting binary rpm
- restart the sound driver :-)

-- Fernando