[PlanetCCRMA] Reloading

Joseph Zitt jzitt@josephzitt.com
Sun Aug 18 13:03:01 2002

This might be too generic a question for the list, but...

I'm finding that the Project CCRMA apt-get setup is working quite well,
but have a lot of old cruft left over from previous attempts to get
things working. I'm tempted to save critical configuration files (as
well as my home directory) off to another partition, then reinstall
a fairly bare-bones RedHat 7.3 from CDs, and rebuild from the 
PlanetCCRMA RPMs. (I have those I've installed saved onto the other
partition too, so fortunately I wouldn't have to trudge through
downloading most of them over my dialup line again!)

Is there a good list somewhere of what configuration files I'd need
to save in order to recreate my systems after reloading the OS?
Or is this idea just completely nuts?

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