[CM] Spectrogram usage

snd at oddodd.org snd at oddodd.org
Wed Jun 14 03:11:21 PDT 2023

I'm completely new to `snd`.
And I am trying to get a spectrogram view similar to the one in the manual under OpenGL and SND. snd/grfsnd.html#sndandgl.
When going into Color/Orientation and tweaking z/y/x scales etc. nothing happens.
Though colors, data-cutoff and hop does things to my spectogram. Any hints to how I can replicate the view used in the#sndandgl and the #wavogram is much appreciated. Best of bests would be two complete "reproducers". Thanks.

I am on `sway`, so not sure if this is a Wayland/SND situation or if the problem is that I am just no able to understand the manual :)
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