[CM] removing harmonic content from sound (solutions for real-time use)

Anders Vinjar anders at avinjar.no
Wed Aug 16 13:50:30 PDT 2023

Hi Orm, thanks for nice suggestions!

Yes, ATS in various incarnations has been very useful, and some of its
siblings such as sms, spear, pvanal, svp, ceres etc.

For off-line processing i'd normally try one of those, or perhaps
LPC-based techniques.

My problem is the real-time requirements (no off-line pre-analysis), and
not-very-large latency.  Do you think ATS could provide solutions for

The Median Filtering approach of FitzGerald is perfect!  But needs
several frames to track partials to distinguish from non-harmonic
content (as ats etc.).  Probably as close as i'll come...

I was hoping there might be some 'simpler' solution - autocorrelation,
wavelets (wild suggestions, but why not...?)

Perhaps I could extract typical samples of noise-type qualities expected
to come in the input sounds, and 'teach' some analysis technique to
recognize something similar?


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