[CM] removing harmonic content from sound (solutions for real-time use)

Anders Vinjar anders at avinjar.no
Tue Aug 15 13:05:34 PDT 2023

    J> Juan and Pablo de Liscia also had some C++ binaries that worked
    J> 'realtime' but have not tried them recently. They might need
    J> recompilatation.

Any links or suggestions as to where to look for these?

It seems ATS in essence finds and tracks the harmonic content as
sinusoids, and subtracts this content from the original to get the
residual.  Seems to be a valid approach to achieve what i need indeed.

Do you think it might be possible to use a (simplified?) ATS-approach in
realtime, in fex SuperCollider or PD: ie. find and track (harmonic)
partials, subtract from original to get the residuals?

Perhaps an approach based on autocorrelation could be useful?


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