[CM] S7 questions and libc issue

Fernando Oleo Blanco irvise_ml at irvise.xyz
Thu May 12 09:32:33 PDT 2022

Hi Bil,

Am Wed, 11 May 2022 13:50:26 -0700
schrieb <bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU>:

> By support for types, are you referring to srfi-9 or
> srfi-99? That stuff is trivial; I'd use lets + methods
> in s7, but r7rs.scm also has an implementation using vectors.
> I thought you were referring to typed variables
> like saying "int i" in C. You'd use a setter for that in s7.

SRFI-9 and 99 are indeed interesting. But I mostly ment "traditional"
types ala C (or even better, ala Ada ;). I know Scheme is a duck-typed
language, but some type safety would help us.

Thank you for your answer. Are setters portable? I am asking since it
would be nice to be able to run in other implementations. I am sorry if
this is a newbee question, since I am not familiar with Scheme and its


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