[CM] pipewire Snd and SndLib

Juan I Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Oct 3 10:25:34 PDT 2021

Hi Bill

Maybe I should address this issue to Nando also.

Been trying 'pipewire' on Fedora34 last weeks and seems useful.

Performance seems good and in fact makes one use Jack clients all the

However, I've been getting warning complaints when I start Snd with Jack
or when I use 'sndplay' on the command line:


[] /zap> sndplay new.snd
Warning. Cannot connect jack output port 4: "Midi-Bridge:Midi
Through:(playback_0) Midi Through Port-0".
Warning. Cannot connect jack input port 2: "Midi-Bridge:Midi
Through:(capture_0) Midi Through Port-0".
[] /zap>


After some digging, for some reason either PipeWire or ALSA seem to lock
  'Midi Through Port-0' and Jack is not able to make any connections.
Have read PipeWire documentation and there is little about MIDI Ports.

Further, I don't know why Snd and 'sndplay" for that matter, want to use
MIDI since both are audio applications and only Jack audio connections
would be expected. BTW, audio connections work seamlessly. Old Qjackctl
patch-bay configurations still work under pipewire.

Tried to compile my own version of 'Sndlib' with jack features but when
I try to make 'sndplay' complains about a missing 'alsa' library
'libsndlib.a' although 'libsndlib.so' is compiled.

Use 'sndplay' all the time not only because you can open almost any type
of soundfile headers but because you can play eight or sixteen channels
of interleaved audio soundfiles just on the command line.  Very useful
when you're rendering audio and testing code.


   -- * Juan Reyes

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