[CM] Preview Scheme For Max release, now w/ scheduler and algo processes

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 17:59:02 PST 2021

Hello friends, I thought I'd post a preview of the next Scheme for Max
release here as it is heavily influenced by (and builds on) Common Music,
and has the functionality I need to embark on actually supporting the CM
stuff in Max. It was a real bear figuring out the Max scheduler
integration, but it's working really nicely and I'm super excited about the
possibilities this will open up. BTW the videos are "unlisted" at this time
until I get through the rest of the release packaging and documentation
this week, so you can get to them from these links but not find them on
youtube for now.

Thanks yet again to Bill and Rick for making this possible!

Scheduler and Clock features

Other new features, likely of less interest unless you are working with Max:

Overview of 0.2 features

Tables and Buffers


Transport Integration
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