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Dudley Brooks dbrooks at runforyourlife.org
Sun Feb 14 18:09:46 PST 2021

On 2/14/21 9:47 AM, Iain Duncan wrote:

> Hi Bill and others, I just thought I'd share a neat finding. I'm 
> preparing some resources for new programmers to learn Scheme for Max, 
> and Matt Wright from CCRMA pointed me the book he did with Brian 
> Harvey, "Simply Scheme".

I took the introductory CS class for CS majors at UC Berkeley in 1989 
from Brian Harvey.  At that time the class used Scheme, and Abelson and 
Sussman's excellent book "Structure and Interpretation of Computer 
Programs".  (The class is now taught in Python, last I heard.)  At that 
time the class was very unusual -- I think something like it was found 
only at Cal, Stanford, MIT, and Illinois.  I heard that it was so 
unusual that if you transferred into Cal's CS department you had to take 
it ... even if you were in grad school.  On the first day Brian Harvey 
said "This is probably the most interesting CS class you will ever take" 
... and it was definitely extremely interesting.

And Brian Harvey was one of the two best teachers I ever had in my 
entire academic career.  A model teacher!  So I'll bet that his book is 

> As it turns out, the prelude needed to use the book works fine on S7 
> with no alterations, and also exists for running on Dr Racket over 
> R5RS. The book is very beginner friendly, and available free. I've 
> worked through the first 9 chapters to test the examples so far, and 
> all work without issue on Scheme for Max, with the exception of things 
> that use read-line (which work on Dr Racket) So I'll be making a 
> video/webpage suggesting it as a good way for new programmers to learn.
> Book here:
> https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~bh/ss-toc2.html
> Just thought I'd share the info!
> iain
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