[CM] Snd 21.6

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 2 13:20:52 PDT 2021

Snd 21.6:

s7.h: added s7_is_random_state, s7_make_normal_vector, s7_array_to_list

s7.c: I changed the default heap size to 64k (half its previous size) --
       my timing tests and benchmarks seem to indicate that this is 
       faster (perhaps cache-related?).  Pushing it down to 32k doesn't
       affect runtimes very much.  To get the old size back,
       (set! (*s7* 'heap-size) 128000).

Checked: sbcl 2.1.7

Thanks!: Daniel Hensel, Brad Christensen, James Hearon, Christos Vagias,
          Tito Latini, Elijah Stone, Kjetil Matheussen, Woody Douglass

(Sourceforge had an "internal error", so the new tarball
isn't available there currently -- I'll try again tomorrow).

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