[CM] Building Common Music on Arch Linux

Brandon Hale bthaleproductions at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 14:37:49 PDT 2020

Hello all,

I have heard from one of my previous professors about the cool things 
one can do with Common Music. I am really interested in setting this up 
to play with it. I tried to build Common Music on my Artix Linux setup 
(Arch Linux without systemd) and it won't compile, even though I think I 
have all of the dependencies. I don't know if I have all of the JUCE 
dependencies, as the readme file that comes with the source code has a 
link, but I do have JUCE installed on my system from the official 

Does anyone on this list use Common Music on Arch and have a package or 
a PKGBUILD at all? I would be extremely interested in that. If not, 
maybe I can post the compiler output and see what the issues are.

Thank you very much for your help on this matter,

Brandon Hale

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