[CM] incompatible pointer type warnings

Woody Douglass wdouglass at carnegierobotics.com
Wed May 20 04:04:10 PDT 2020


Try this:

t_max_err s7_obj_to_max_atom(s7_scheme *s7, s7_pointer s7_obj, t_atom *atom){
    if( s7_is_boolean(s7_obj) ){
        atom_setlong(atom, (int)s7_boolean(s7, s7_obj));

s7_pointer is already a pointer, it doesn't need to be `s7_pointer *obj` in the signature.

On 2020-05-19 22:22:17-04:00 cmdist-bounces at ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:

Hi Bill and others, I'm trying to clean up the torrent of warnings my project is producing in Xcode now that it's pretty big, and this one has me stumped. here's a snippet of working code:

t_max_err s7_obj_to_max_atom(s7_scheme *s7, s7_pointer *s7_obj, t_atom *atom){

    if( s7_is_boolean(s7_obj) ){

        atom_setlong(atom, (int)s7_boolean(s7, s7_obj));


I get the following warning for every use of s7_obj like the above:

"Incompatible pointer types passing 's7_pointer *' (aka 'struct s7_cell **') to parameter of type 's7_pointer' (aka 'struct s7_cell *'); dereference with *"

If I try letting XCode "fix" it, the compiler things I should be using *s7_obj, which of course crashes (had to try it in case I was totally misunderstanding...)

Is there something I can do to not get this warning, or do I need to figure out how to tell xcode to just shut up with that one?

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