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Thank you, Orm, that works perfectly, 

I have replicated your example with other control codes, it seems to me that only N°93 "Chorus Depth" modifies the sound significantly (I didn't succeed with the other codes). 

(I used the "70 Bassoon" sound which seemed to be better on "long" sounds - 30s here -). 

One of my ideas was to use the "pan" function on top of the "Steve Reich's Piano Phase" example to separate the 2 pianos along with the phase, just an idea. 

Thank you again. 

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> In fact, I was wondering if it was possible to modify a sound 
> already emitted, as you do with a knob on a midi controller keyboard 
> (keeping the same original sound). 

yes, start a long note: 

(mp:midi :key 80 :dur 20 :amp .5 :chan 0) 

then simulate the controller knob: 

for i below 128 
do (mp:ctrl :num 10 :val i :chan 0) 
(wait .01))) 

I hope the syntax is ok. I can't test here as I'm using the common 
lisp version with a slightly different syntax. 


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