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Guten Morgen Ludger, 

Thank you, I get the idea. 

In fact, I was wondering if it was possible to modify a sound already emitted, as you do with a knob on a midi controller keyboard (keeping the same original sound). 

But I'm already going to use the "mp:ctrl" function in the way you suggested. 

Vielen Dank, 


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hi Philippe, 
here an example for pan 

(define (player) 
for i from 0 to 127 do 
(mp:ctrl :num 10 :val i :chan 0) ;between 0 Left and 127 Right 
(mp:midi :key 80 :dur .05 :amp .5 :chan 0) 
(wait .1) 
(sprout (player) ) 
(sprout (player) "pan.mid“) 

;;; and another one for volume fade 
(define (player-volume) 
for i from 0 to 1 by .1 do 
(mp:midi :key 80 :dur .05 :amp i :chan 0) 
(wait .1) 
(sprout (player-volume) ) 
(sprout (player-volume) "volume.mid") 

viele Grüße / all the best 
Ludger Brümmer 

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Am 17.05.2020 um 11:39 schrieb philippe.cabanon at laposte.net : 

Hi everyone, 

Noone has answered so far. 
Can anyone help me, please? 
Here are my questions again: 

I don't understand what I have to type to use the Midi Controlers Numbers in Grace: 

mp:ctrl? (mp:ctrl :num 10 :val 120 :chan 0)? what values are needed in the parameters and what are their meanings ? 
mp:press? (ditto) 
mp:prog? (is the only use the change of instruments or can we utilize the command for other possibilities?) 

And : how to pan from left to right ? how to up and down the volume ? etc. 

Thank you, 

Looking forward to your answers. 

Best regards, 

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