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Forrest Curo treegestalt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 16:46:36 PST 2020

How to proceed?

Building this on Ubuntu 19.10, I end with:
premake4 --with-g++
/home/forrest/parent/sndlib/premake4.lua:95: attempt to call field
'is64bit' (a nil value)

"lua" in this case seems to be lua 5.3.3

Forrest Curo
San Diego

On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 9:21 AM Taube, Heinrich K <taube at illinois.edu> wrote:

> Ive moved the Grace repo to github where you can now download the
> sources.  It seems to build fine on MacOS and Linux, but I haven’t done
> tons of testing yet so there are probably still some issues to fix.
> Windows doesn't work yet — I can compile and link everything, the app boots
> but I dont seem to have s7 working yet.  I’m sure it's something stupid
> that I’ve done, but don't know much about VisualStudio2019 so right now I'm
> still in the dark. Thank you Bill for all your help!
> This release is basically a major cleanup to get things building and
> running again in the very latest juce and sndlib/s7.  Grace is a pretty old
> app so the next thing I will do is probably continue to simplify and
> modernize its code base.  I will also add an internal midi synth (a juce
> fork of the sfzero sound font player) so that there is internal playback
> support on all OSes.
> here is how to download the sources, the grace/README.md will tell you
> what to do.
> $ git clone https://github.com/ricktaube/grace.git grace
> One thing I need to do asap is have documentation hosted by the github
> repo if at all possible. Iff anybody knows how to host a homepage for a
> github repo please let me know.
> —Rick
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