[CM] New home for Grace

Taube, Heinrich K taube at illinois.edu
Tue Mar 3 09:21:29 PST 2020

Ive moved the Grace repo to github where you can now download the sources.  It seems to build fine on MacOS and Linux, but I haven’t done tons of testing yet so there are probably still some issues to fix.  Windows doesn't work yet — I can compile and link everything, the app boots but I dont seem to have s7 working yet.  I’m sure it's something stupid that I’ve done, but don't know much about VisualStudio2019 so right now I'm still in the dark. Thank you Bill for all your help!

This release is basically a major cleanup to get things building and running again in the very latest juce and sndlib/s7.  Grace is a pretty old app so the next thing I will do is probably continue to simplify and modernize its code base.  I will also add an internal midi synth (a juce fork of the sfzero sound font player) so that there is internal playback support on all OSes.

here is how to download the sources, the grace/README.md will tell you what to do.

$ git clone https://github.com/ricktaube/grace.git grace

One thing I need to do asap is have documentation hosted by the github repo if at all possible. Iff anybody knows how to host a homepage for a github repo please let me know.


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