[CM] Snd 20.9 fails on Cygwin when compiled without GUI support

David O'Toole deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 13:36:37 PST 2020

I am having an error similar to (but different from) the error linked here,
and using the patch Bill suggested has been a successful workaround on
GNU/Linux. However, I am having issues running the latest Snd on Cygwin
when compiled without GUI support.

The error output when running Snd is below. My ~/.snd file includes (set!
*load-path* '("~/src/snd-20.9/"))

$ snd
loading libc_s7.so
load /home/Sandy/src/snd-20.9/libc_s7.so failed: Exec format error

;unbound variable (symbol "\x7f;ELF\x02;\x01;\x01;")
;    (load so-file-name cur-env)
;    cload.scm, line 693, position: 27567
; (load so-file-name cur-env)
; ((load so-file-name cur-env))
; ((curlet))
; ((*s7* 'history-enabled) #f)

;unbound variable *libc*
;    (load so-file-name cur-env)
;    repl.scm, line 1216, position: 43942
; (load so-file-name cur-env)
; ((define (symbol-completion text) (let ((...
; ((when val (return (cond ((null? (cdr cla...
; (*repl* 'run)
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