[CM] error when running Snd when compiled without gui toolkit

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 9 10:43:22 PST 2020

The error is the same because you haven't changed anything.
If --with-notcurses fails, it falls back on --without-gui.

I think you can get snd to run with the basic repl via ./snd -noinit.

Since it's trying to load repl.scm, I assume you have an init file
that sets the load path.  Apparently it doesn't find libc_s7.so,
so it tries to make it.  It might work to add this

(unless (or (file-exists? "s7.h")
             (not (pair? *load-path*)))
   (set! *cload-cflags* (append *cload-cflags*
                                (format #f " -I~A" (car *load-path*)))))

at line 592 of cload.scm -- this adds a -I flag to the compiler
invocation with the first entry in *load-path*.

The notcurses version does not need anything at startup.
If you run configure again including --with-notcurses,
config.log might have useful info.

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