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David O'Toole deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 14:50:41 PST 2020

More fun results! I upgraded the snippet matching procedure to use a
weighted combination of spectral centroid distance, spectral peaks
distance, and tempo distance. The results are becoming much more coherent.
I have the beginnings of an emacs-based interactive looper UI as well, so
basically this could become an improvisational rhythm composer. Here are
the sounds: http://xelf.me/resource-55.mp3

On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 6:34 PM David O'Toole <deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com>

> Happy Holidays everyone!
> It's been an amazing adventure. I now have a basic corpus-based musical
> concatenative synthesis system written in S7 Scheme on top of Snd's audio
> tools. It analyzes a bunch of input files, splits them into tiny FLAC
> fragments sliced configurably on the beats, and writes the analysis data
> for each song (with all the slices) in its own file. Later you can load any
> selection of these data files, and run metadata searches to find matching
> slices. Only the slices that you actually end up choosing get loaded, so
> the searches themselves are very fast. Right now I've been feeding it dance
> and hip-hop music and doing matches based on minimizing distance between
> the loudest spectral peaks in each chunk. Here are some results:
> http://xelf.me/scheme-mosaic-2020-collection-1.mp3 Most of these use a
> chopped-and-screwed backing track (also done with Mosaic) and matching
> segments of other songs to them.
> The next step is to work more on my interactive looper so that one can
> "jam" modifying the loop as you go.
> The homepage is http://xelf.me/scheme-mosaic.html
> After the success of this year's Emacsconf 2020, I've started the EMSIG
> (Emacs Multimedia Special Interest Group) covering such tools as Snd,
> Ecasound, EMMS, Midi, etc. you would be welcome to visit the irc channel
> #emsig on freenode or email me if you are interested.
> Thanks everyone (especially Bill!) for your help in solving little
> stumbling blocks on the way.
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