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David O'Toole deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 15:34:47 PST 2020

Happy Holidays everyone!

It's been an amazing adventure. I now have a basic corpus-based musical
concatenative synthesis system written in S7 Scheme on top of Snd's audio
tools. It analyzes a bunch of input files, splits them into tiny FLAC
fragments sliced configurably on the beats, and writes the analysis data
for each song (with all the slices) in its own file. Later you can load any
selection of these data files, and run metadata searches to find matching
slices. Only the slices that you actually end up choosing get loaded, so
the searches themselves are very fast. Right now I've been feeding it dance
and hip-hop music and doing matches based on minimizing distance between
the loudest spectral peaks in each chunk. Here are some results:
http://xelf.me/scheme-mosaic-2020-collection-1.mp3 Most of these use a
chopped-and-screwed backing track (also done with Mosaic) and matching
segments of other songs to them.

The next step is to work more on my interactive looper so that one can
"jam" modifying the loop as you go.

The homepage is http://xelf.me/scheme-mosaic.html

After the success of this year's Emacsconf 2020, I've started the EMSIG
(Emacs Multimedia Special Interest Group) covering such tools as Snd,
Ecasound, EMMS, Midi, etc. you would be welcome to visit the irc channel
#emsig on freenode or email me if you are interested.

Thanks everyone (especially Bill!) for your help in solving little
stumbling blocks on the way.
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