[CM] Enabling Common Music in S7

Juan I Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Apr 12 16:02:55 PDT 2020

Should focus and rephrase a bit better.

-What I am looking is for a way of getting instrument calls into Snd
from note events generated on CM or Grace.-

On CM-2, there was an output option that will generate a note stream for
a CLM instrument.

Recall that in those days we would have have a Lisp image with CM on top
of CLM and perhaps CMN.

At the time, we were able to generate note lists, and even scorefiles on
the same Lisp environment by using CM's 'process' macro and the 'events'
scheduler to see or listen CM's output.

For CLM's output we needed to load a compiled version of an instrument
to listen to an audio file result of note events from CM. Since CLM was
part of the same Lisp environment, CLM would render an audio file while
the events function on CM would play it on the DAC.

This was a straight forward operation once an instrument was loaded. On
CM a new object was created with all its parameters, and any of those
parameters could be used and manipulated within CM's 'process' macro.

For example, let's say we wanted to use the FM-Violin instrument which
has more than a dozen of parameters. Being the case, we would compile
and load 'v.ins' which had CLM's code for the FM-Violin instrument into
the Lisp environment and CM & CLM interacting with each other. We could
write a process within CM that will control, say 'periodic-vibrato-rate'
on each note produced. Here CM will generate note streams, CLM will
render an audio file and CM's events scheduler will trigger an audio
file player (DAC).

For the above see pages: 325-329 from "Notes from the Metalevel."

BUT NOW, we don't have CLM any more.

If I remember on CM-2, the 'events' scheduler (function) will allow to
generate just a '*.clm' file consisting of note streams and instrument
calls. The issue as it is now is that still requires CLM as part of the
Lisp image.

What about if CM-2 doesn't require CLM to be loaded on the same Lisp
image in order to get the '*.clm' file or scorefile?.

Same thing with grace. What about if we could get the note stream or
instrument calls from grace to be read on Snd?.

I know that CM or Grace should know about Snd's instrument and
parameters. Could we define a new object inside CM-2 or Grace describing
this instrument and its parameters?, Just like we used to do when
loading CLM instruments directly into CM?.

Reiterating on the FM-Violin example, how can we get a note stream using
CM or Grace, to be read by 'v.scm', FM-violin instrument on Snd?.

Think this also helps in Iain's question in regards to a possible
CM-S7-Snd interface.

Thanks a lot,

   -- Juan

> In the old days of CMv2-CLMv(2-3) there used to be a nice connection
>  between CM and CLM. If I am not mistaken this is what is described
> on one of the last chapters of 'Notes from the Metalevel'.

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