[CM] Enabling Common Music in S7

Juan I Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Apr 12 10:37:52 PDT 2020

Hi all,

In the old days of CMv2-CLMv(2-3) there used to be a nice connection
between CM and CLM. If I am not mistaken this is what is described on
one of the last chapters of 'Notes from the Metalevel'.

Also, as far as I know, some of Snd's instruments are loaded into Grace
and you have the option of generating note lists (and output) straight
from Grace into Snd (S7), which is nice.

Nevertheless it gets tedious when you have long scorefiles or notelists,
but specially when you want to use your own Snd's instruments because of
a myriad of parameters that might arise when using customized 

For some time I have thought the other way around, a parser so that we
can input CM's or Grace's note lists into Snd's instruments. In other
words, what if we just generate a S7 scorefile close enough to read or
parse within Snd's 'with-sound()' function. Obvioulsy this scorefile
should provide Snd's instrument parameters that are also defined and
manipulated within CM or Grace.

A data-flow of my thinking could be something like:

<CM-GRACE>[Notelist-scorefile generator]--> <s7-scheme-scorefile> -->

--> <s7 Parser> --> <Snd> [definstrument-with-sound] --> <Snd> -->

[audio-processing]--> [render soundfile] --> output.

FTR, I am not implying a realtime implementation of the above.

I think this falls more into CM-Grace's side of the equation and perhaps
I might be thinking against the flow, but it would be great if it could
be done. Perhaps somewhere, there is code that already has this

Hope this is not so off-topic.

  Thanks a lot!,

   -- Juan Reyes

> Hi Bill and Rick, I would like to include all the common music
> functions in the base scheme that loads up with scheme-for-max, and
> ultimately I'd like to even get it to the point that one could run
> all the examples in Notes from the Metalevel in scheme-for-max so I
> can point to the book as an ideal first resource, though this will
> requires some work on my end to implement sprout of the max clock and
> so on.. I'm not clear which files scheme files I need to load to do
> this. Are they all distributed in the s7 tarball? If anyone can help
> me there, that would be lovely.

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