[CM] Sonata.pfa anyone?

Torsten Anders Torsten.Anders at beds.ac.uk
Mon Jan 7 05:32:08 PST 2019

> CMN also used the Sonata font so I thought I'd ask here

Do old CMN output files perhaps help? These files kind of look OK when I open them… Example attached.


> On 7 Jan 2019, at 12:18, Orm Finnendahl <orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> Happy new year to all! During the holidays I tried to resurrect scores
> of old pieces of mine (from around 1990) and managed to get an old Mac
> OS7 emulator running with my old disks mounted.
> Unfortunately some scores need the Sonata font and I don't seem to
> have archived them on any of the old harddrives. Therefore I purchased
> the Sonata font today. But alas: The Sonata Font nowadays only comes
> as a ttf file and including them in the ps files leads to incorrect
> rendering (small gaps between adjacent staff line chars, etc.).
> Does anybody have access to a pfa (type 1) file of Sonata and could
> send it to me or put it on my file server here (and give a short
> notice):
> https://www.selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de/selmafile/u/d/7ebd417ab3/
> (even better, if you happen to also have the .afm or even the old
> bitmap suitcases).
> AFAIK CMN also used the Sonata font so I thought I'd ask here. As I
> bought the license today I think there shouldn't be a legal problem.
> --
> Orm
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