[CM] Sonata.pfa anyone?

Orm Finnendahl orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de
Mon Jan 7 04:18:52 PST 2019


Happy new year to all! During the holidays I tried to resurrect scores
of old pieces of mine (from around 1990) and managed to get an old Mac
OS7 emulator running with my old disks mounted.

Unfortunately some scores need the Sonata font and I don't seem to
have archived them on any of the old harddrives. Therefore I purchased
the Sonata font today. But alas: The Sonata Font nowadays only comes
as a ttf file and including them in the ps files leads to incorrect
rendering (small gaps between adjacent staff line chars, etc.).

Does anybody have access to a pfa (type 1) file of Sonata and could
send it to me or put it on my file server here (and give a short


(even better, if you happen to also have the .afm or even the old
bitmap suitcases).

AFAIK CMN also used the Sonata font so I thought I'd ask here. As I
bought the license today I think there shouldn't be a legal problem.


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