[CM] Display issuse with snd on swaywm/wayland/arch linux

Kenneth Flak kennethflak at protonmail.com
Sun Aug 4 05:49:48 PDT 2019

Hi again,

Tried fiddling around a bit with different cursor themes in lxappearance, but it doesn't seem to have much effect. I also tried to set the cursor to auto-follow on play, but this didn't do much either. Interestingly enough: to get the waveform window to update I only need to move the cursor away from that window, for example it updates whenever I go from waveform to listener and back again. It is not, therefore, necessary to completely shift the focus away from the snd application to update the graphics.


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On  3 Aug 2019  06:51, bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:
>I haven't tried to use wayland, but I think sb_h_double_arrow
>is in xcursor-themes in Arch?  Seems odd that gtk would use
>these in wayland (I think they come originally from XC_SB_H*
>in some X library, and the names now refer (in gtk 3.94) to
>string constants like "col-resize", whatever that means).
>I haven't put any real effort into Snd with the latest gtk's --
>gtk is changing radically all the time, and I can't keep up.
>I'll see if I can fire up wayland and poke at it.  Thanks
>for the bug report.

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