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James Hearon j_hearon at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 27 08:37:13 PST 2018


I haven't been able to view the waveform in Edit envelope for a while, and seems like I used to be able to see the waveform selection in the edit window.

I can see the breakpoint handles, and those are applied to the sound okay, but I'm just guessing a bit as to where the breakpoints should go without the visual feedback in the Edit envelope window.

I'm currently on Snd 18.9, fedora 29

...from Snd Help
s7: 7.6, Xen : 3.27
Alsa 1.1.6
Sndlib 24.7
CLM 6.19
GSL 2.4
Motif 2.3.4 X11R6
OpenGL 3.0 Mesa 18.2.6
Xpm 3.4.11

and my configure for building has been:
./configure  --with-s7 --with-gsl --with-motif --with-alsa

No GL in the configure statement.  I'm wondering if I need to add GL to see the waveform in Edit envelope?

Thank You,

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