[CM] Snd 17.8

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Oct 17 04:45:13 PDT 2017

> Some files are missing from svn:
> sh> LANG=en_US diff -urq snd-svn snd-17 |grep Only|grep -v snd-svn
> Only in snd-17: clm.html
> Only in snd-17: config.rpath
> Only in snd-17: dlocsig.html
> Only in snd-17: expr.scm
> Only in snd-17: freeverb-readme.txt
> Only in snd-17: freeverb.html
> Only in snd-17: mkinstalldirs
> Only in snd-17/pix: newbuttons.png
> Only in snd-17/tools: tall.scm

Thanks very much for that list!  config.rpath looks like an auxilliary
file created by autoconf, mkinstalldirs got deleted during my
flailing around with the transition to svn (I forgot to restore it),
newbuttons.png is obsolete -- I should have removed it, clm.html
seems irrelevant -- I wonder why it was there at all.
expr.scm has code I don't recognize -- no idea why it's there.
The freeverb and dlocsig files refer to the Common Lisp versions
of those instruments; I should make versions that fit Snd!
I'll restore them in the meantime.  Lastly, tall.scm is a timing
test that I forgot.  Thanks again -- now I'm wondering if
mkinstalldirs is needed anymore -- back in the old days, makefiles
would create system directories -- seems like a bad idea now.
makefile.in currently uses that script if you include --install,
but that stuff is 20 years old.

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