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andersvi at notam02.no andersvi at notam02.no
Tue Sep 27 07:00:37 PDT 2016

Hi all.

Tom Erbe visited us here in Oslo a week ago, and talked about
"Erbe-Verb" and other recent work he's done on reverbs.  In his great
presentation he mentioned a paper by Jon Dattorro: "Effect Design #1"
describing a 'tank-style' plate-reverb amongst other things.  I beleive
it was reverse-engineered from one of the early Lexicon digital reverbs?

I hadn't noticed the paper before, despite everybody else in the room
seeming to be familiar with it.  Anyway, it sparked me into setting up
something similar in CLM/SND (attached).

Albeit somewhat slow, it sounds quite good with many different types of
input.  The 'tank' is unity gain, so setting decay=1 creates a nice
'freeze' effect.  See some suggested settings at the example calls at
the bottom of the file.

Note: there are 2 minor differences in the tap-section from those in
Dattorro's paper.  I'll perhaps fix these later, if noone gets there
before me.

Currently only stereo.  Should be easy to extend (to e.g. quad or FOA)
by setting up further sets of taps from the same tank.  I'll perhaps do
more tests with this when i get time.

Have fun.


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