[CM] cm2/cm.asd -> ASDF-3 ?

andersvi at notam02.no andersvi at notam02.no
Thu Mar 31 06:19:51 PDT 2016


I've updated cm2 on sourceforge with a new cm2.asd which is ASDF-3.1
compliant.  This version is very much simpler inside then the previous
one (for asdf-1?), and seems to be very much easier to maintain.

To use:

(load "cm2.asd")
(asdf:load-system :cm2)

This will compile and load cm2 sources, translating the necessary .scm
files to .lisp along the way.

Atm. all compiled sources (also the rewritten .lisp files) go inside the
default asdf ~/.cache/common-lisp/implementation/** directory.  

Checked with SBCL (1.2.11) and LispWorks (7.0).  Both have updated ASDF

Support for other lisps is intentionally left out atm.  If you need one,
either include the relevant pre-existing *.lisp file (from src/) in
cm2.asd, or drop me a line.


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