[CM] snd-nogui - graph->ps in batch file?

andersvi at notam02.no andersvi at notam02.no
Wed Jun 1 01:27:01 PDT 2016


Sparked by a question on linux-audio-users just now, i wanted to check
if i could create sonograms and similar by scripting Snd (which could be
very useful), but the .eps-file Snd leaves is empty.

Evaluating the same list of calls step by step works fine.

Putting in some (sleep 3) calls along the route didn't help either.

Is this achievable?

Here's what i'm trying:

    (open-sound "mono-10s.wav")
    (set! (transform-graph?) #t)
    (set! (time-graph?) #f)
    (set! (transform-graph-type) graph-as-sonogram)
    (set! (fft-log-frequency) #t)
    (graph->ps "mono-10s-sonogram.eps")


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