[CM] snd-nogui - graph->ps in batch file?

Tito Latini tito.01beta at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 05:21:17 PDT 2016

On Wed, Jun 01, 2016 at 10:27:01AM +0200, andersvi at notam02.no wrote:
> Hi.
> Sparked by a question on linux-audio-users just now, i wanted to check
> if i could create sonograms and similar by scripting Snd (which could be
> very useful), but the .eps-file Snd leaves is empty.
> Evaluating the same list of calls step by step works fine.
> Putting in some (sleep 3) calls along the route didn't help either.
> Is this achievable?
> Here's what i'm trying:
>     (open-sound "mono-10s.wav")
>     (set! (transform-graph?) #t)
>     (set! (time-graph?) #f)
>     (set! (transform-graph-type) graph-as-sonogram)
>     (set! (fft-log-frequency) #t)
>     (graph->ps "mono-10s-sonogram.eps")
>     (exit)

you have success with update-transform-graph before graph->ps

(open-sound "mono-10s.wav")
(set! (transform-graph?) #t)
(set! (time-graph?) #f)
(set! (transform-graph-type) graph-as-sonogram)
(set! (fft-log-frequency) #t)
(graph->ps "mono-10s-sonogram.eps")

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