[CM] Community of Grace/CM users?

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Feb 21 12:35:52 PST 2016

A small typo: I think you meant

(define (nth n l)
   (if (or (>= n (length l)) (< n 0))
     (error "Index out of bounds.")
     (if (eq? n 0)
       (car l)
       (nth (- n 1) (cdr l)))))

The various Schemes are less alike than the various Common Lisps --
Scheme exists in something like 40 implementations, and the implementors
tend to be cantankerous and disdainful of standards.  So online docs can 
misleading.  s7.html describes s7, and I try to stay within shouting
distance of the r7rs standard, but I'd say s7 is a hybrid of what
Scheme ought to be and what Common Lisp mostly is.  There is
often an "apropos" or "help" function to check if something
is already defined.

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